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‘Thanks To WST’

sung by Mark Roberts
composed by Mark Roberts



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Verse 1

Thanks to WhenSteelTalk
We music now play
Thanks to WhenSteelTalk
Mark and Hayden say
What an opportunity
Fair play for everybody
So I can’t help but sing
To give thanks for this blessing
Dem radio DJs had we suffering
True thing


Now when you want your music to play
You have to check WhenSteelTalk I say
While some people holding back
WhenSteelTalk on the attack
Thanks to you we say
Please don’t change your way
We music play whether night or day

Verse 2

Is only when you go to do a launch
Dem radio DJs will give you a punch
But after you leave that day
Your music not sure to play
But now is night or day
You could hear your music play
Thanks again WhenSteelTalk we say
Oh yea



Ba ba deay


Just send it just send it, just send it
To WhenSteelTalk I say
Just send it just send it, just send it
You bound to hear it play

Verse 3

Champion the cause of
This great invention
Yes your devotion
Is second to none
But when Jah can’t come they say
He will open up ah way
So we should all now say
Hip hip hip hip hooray
To dem on WhenSteelTalk I say
Yea yea


Ba ba deay


Just send it just send it
Just send it just send it
Thanks to WhenSteelTalk (x4)


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“Thanks To WST”
Mark Roberts

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Oscar - Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts

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“Oscar” Mark Roberts is from the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad to be specific) W.I.  He has a love of music from childhood, with a preference for a mouth organ as a choice of Christmas gift every year even as other 12-year-olds wanted toy cars, trucks, etc.  Mark had the ability to play any Christmas Carol he heard on the radio on his mouth-organ.

In 1970 the legendary Desperadoes Steel Orchestra was the band Mark Roberts joined, located as it was within his community. Five years later, he and other Laventille youths formed the band Music Maker.  His affiliation with with Desperadoes afforded him the opportunity to tour internationally extensively.

Under the leadership of the late great Rudolph Charles and master arranger - the late “Sir” Clive Bradley, Mark Roberts says he was afforded informal but extremely valuable music education.  His musical journey continues - as, he says, music is a living thing. “Every day is one of learning.”

He started composing in 1991 with his first publication being in 2006 with Clive Gone in honor of Clive Bradley’s memory, and vocalized by Brache. Celebrating Crawl sung by Chucky and honoring the memory Desperadoes’ legendary bass player Frank “Crawl” Findley followed in 2008.  For 2010 he not only composed but also vocalized Pow Pow Doi Doi (Bad Boy); two years later in 2012 he followed up with Who Is Copeland. In Panorama 2013 Mark Roberts presented the pan world with Ralph; for the 2014 season, he returns once more as both composer and vocalist on the track featured here, Thanks To WST, and vocalizes and co-composes on Pan Scientist (Tribute to Bertie).

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