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‘We Come Out To Play’

sung by “Jackspania”
composed by Jathniel Thomas

arranged by Jathniel Thomas



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Verse 1

It’s a festival
We call it carnival
People drinking and having fun
Without no cultural hate
People come to celebrate
A joyous time when J’Ouvert had begun
Chinese, Blacks and Syrians
Spanish, Caucasians Indians
What a cultural unity
They come out to masquerade
In the island grand parade
That’s what I love to see
Some of the upper class
Come out to shake they ‘rass’
Don’t care what the people say
Some of them looking for man
Some jumping up in the band
Shouting we come out to play


We come out to play
We come out to play
We come out to play
On carnival day (repeat)
If you see the crowd
So they getting loud
Jumping up all about
And if you hear them shout

Verse 2

Before celebration ends
Many people making friends
Babash passing from hand to hand
When the band pass through
Police wining too
Ah Trini vibes you should understand
Cultural identity
With creativity
Many tourists come here to see
The day has come to pass
To see how they playing mass
Was not surprising to me
Some of them like to munch
On ah bake and saltfish brunch
That’s what most of them do
Some of them wining away
On Trinidad festival day
Shouting we come out to play


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“We Come Out To Play”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Jathniel Thomas, known by the moniker “Jackspania,” is an emerging calypso singer who hails from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Though he’s now establishing himself as a solo artist, he has written and produced many songs for many different artistes like Nap Hepburn among others. Thomas has played back-up for many calypsonians including Duke, Stalin, Barron and The Mighty Sparrow as a keyboardist. As the former leader of the Fabulous Deltones, he has headlined throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

As a teacher in the New York City Public School System, Thomas was instrumental in assisting in the developing young talent; particularly in the area of Steel Pan bringing this culture to the younger Diaspora in North America. He has worked with the Jackie Robinson Center, Police Athletic League and other organizations in NYC.

Currently Thomas is the CEO of Moonstone Product- ions and owns and operates Japat Music Studio and School, where he continues to ensure that young talent is honed. His most recent endeavor is his foray into Calypso, with the CD Come Along With Me and he was in the process of producing Sparrow until Sparrow’s recent health challenges.

Another of Thomas’ 2014 tracks, Pan Man,  is a commentary on the history of pan and where it evolved from based on the negative connotation that it used to have.  And in addition to the track featured here - We Come Out To Play - there is also a third in the spotlight -  Dancing To  The Pan.

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