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‘Wey Pan Come From’

sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde
composed by Tellison Forde

arranged by Frankie McIntosh



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** Tell them the real history
Kelvin Dove and Berry
Louis Peyson, [Papa Singley!]

Verse 1

As I contemplate on some pan men,
Not so long of the past
Who have dedicated their whole life,
And just for the pan they gave their last
Through a venom
which plagued our history
Labeled vagabond and hooligan
[Oooh Mama]
As I sit down watching revelation
From Shango, Tamboo Bamboo to Pan


And when they play [people break away]
The crowd just sway
[Stanley Hunt Dingolay]
Ten thousand strong [with a sing-along]
Heading for town
Sweet melody [Lloyd Loride, Coye, Birdie]
In harmony [Ellie Mannette, Ozzie]
Rhythm section, and the bass line strong
Celebration [just for pan]
Man and woman [Lennox, Anthon Stephens]
Carnival celebration
[Irvin Taylor and Gulston]
Louis Peyson is who had passion for pan
That is wey pan come from!

Verse 2

Nowhere here on our twin island
Should they be gathering
All they had for the pan was two days
And plenty lock-up, bad case fighting
If they break a lime on the pavement
Pan sticks in back pocket visibly
[Ooh mama]
I assure you more sooner than later
Boo too - is licks inside the Jitney
Lock up for loitering



Verse 3

If they even play in dey pan yard
Rightful place they should be
Though is they de Pan men was living
And wey they should play in harmony
Just as the rhythm start getting jumpy
Pan yard got invaded by police
[Oooh Mama]
Try to lock them up
for disturbing the peace
Big fight - is pan man beating police
Rannie Babb couldn’t save them



Verse 4

Now the pan has a place in history
Thanks to a rouge and vagabond
Debut in ‘68 throughout Russia
Cecil Forde, an Invaders panman
Morocco, Spain, Germany and London
Now Sweden, Japan, Nigeria too
Theo Stephens, Joey Gill, Gerald Forsythe
Len Sharpe, “Two-left”
Sterling Betancourt
Happy Williams, Othello


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“Wey Pan Come From”
Tellison “Tello” Forde

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Tellison Forde
Tellison “Tello” Forde

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Tellison ‘Tello’ Forde is the son of an “Invader” - Cecil “Coye” Forde - and Beryl Isaac. He was born at 67 Rosalino Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad, adjacent to the pan yard of Invaders Steel Orchestra.

That “Tello” was the son of an Invader was proven when Invaders performed at his christening. Father Cecil took the Steeldrum throughout Russia, and was one of the first to introduce Pan in Spain and Morocco in North Africa. Young Tellison followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a member of Invaders Steel Orchestra, and also played tenor pan in New York’s Moods Pan Groove, Pan Rebels and Bramblers USA.

“Tello” enlisted in the US Navy from November 1972 to December 1984, during which time he had the good fortune to serve under the late Commander W.W. Pippenger aboard the USS Brumby DE 1044 which arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad in November 1975.

Tellison returned to dedicated service with Sealift Command Department of the Navy for 13 years, always keeping his tenor pan at hand.

He is well known within the steelband community for compositions such as Prophet of Pan and Coye: Pan Religion, among others.

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