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‘When Steel Talk’

sung by Garth David
composed by Wayne “Birdie” Kirton



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Verse 1

Music is there, in the atmosphere
It’s been there, since the dawn of time
Regal and bold or timid and cold
Or sweet like ah fine fine wine
It can get in your system,
It can get in your mind
Harmonies, melody or rhythm
It’s all there by design.


But when steel talks, every body listens
Let it saturate your brain
Ah know when yuh hear it,
You will know the deal
And you’ll know that my steel is real
You will be in trouble,
When dey start to grumble
When them basses rumble,
Right down to yah heel
But nothing will matter
You’ll dance creep or walk
But yah all move when yuh hear my steel
Jump when when yah hear my steel
Dance when yuh hear my steel talk

Verse 2

Brass, reeds and woodwinds,
Have been there forever
I’ll never diminish their worth
Steinways and harps,
I respect their measure
NO derision, it’s not meant to hurt
But steel is the language I’m used to
I love the chatter, it’s talk
I’ve grown up with it from an infant
Even before ah could walk.



Verse 3

It can roar like ah lion,
As quiet as ah church mouse
It’s up to the panman you see
No limitation, no restrictions,
It will be here for the rest of eternity
So respect to all you panmen
Godspeed wherever you go
Remember its origin


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“When Steel Talk”
Garth David

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Garth David - vocalist for “When Steel Talk”

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Garth David was born in Ste Madeleine Village, South Trinidad and has been singing since the age of fifteen. He performed with local bands Platinum and Volt Express and had two releases during that time - ‘Bragadang Time’ and ‘We Come To Party.’

David migrated to the United States in 1990 where he performed with Ed Watson and other musicians.

He released songs for Panorama 2012 (Jump Up And Play Yuhself) and Panorama 2013 -  Pan Unity and Music Is Meh Business.

Garth David is back for the 2014 Panorama season with the track featured here, When Steel Talk.

Wayne “Birdie” Kirton
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