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‘The Wining Inspector’

sung by Tyro Matthews
composed by Franklyn T. Grant



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(Ah hah)
Ah know yuh wondering why I’m here
I’m the wining inspector and ah wanna see
Yes ah wanna see, ah hah
How good yuh wine up yuh waist
Ah go need ah good motion sensor
If yuh wine any faster.

Verse 1

I’m ah professor
From the university of wine
And they send me here to see
If yuh wining on time
I’m here to check out you and you
And you and you
To see if yuh wining is on cue
So doh think that you can fool meh
Ah know that you can not school meh.



Verse 2

Real winers could close their eyes
And back up fast without looking
Like they know for sure
That their navigation system is working
And they moving from side to side
Until they hit ah bumper
Just going back, moving back, wining back
And then they start to move forward
Wining fast, wining slow
Real winers on the go



Verse 3

This job is a journey
That takes me everywhere
And its up to me
To make sure that the rules are clear
So keep on wining - and let me see
Hey I’m not gonna cheat
I’m just here to make sure
Yuh wining with the beat
And now ah see how yuh grooving - huh
Let me tell yuh 
I like the way how yuh moving.
(Ah hah)

Bridge break down

Bridge - Chorus

Repeat Verse 1


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“The Wining Inspector”
Tyro Matthews

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Tyro Matthews
Tyro Matthews

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The composer of, and producer and engineer for The Wining Inspector is Franklyn T. Grant who has engineered artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, 50 cents, The Notorious Biggie Smalls, SWV, The Mighty Sparrow, Shadow, Explainer, Crazy, The Original DeFosto Himself, The Mighty Duke, Kevin Little and several more. He also produced “Workie Workie” for The Burning Flames. Grant is a former member of The Esso Tripoli Steel Orchestra and The Texaco Dixieland Steel Orchestra. He is also a veteran of the USAF and won the USAF Talent Show in 1978, playing classical music on a Double Second made by friend and steelpan innovator Ellie Mannette. Grant is also normally a judge at the New York Panorama on Labor Day weekend. Lastly, he is engineer and producer at Rawlston Recording studio, a division of Charlie’s Calypso City in Brooklyn, New York.

Tyro Matthews is the versatile vocalist of this track, The Wining Inspector.

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