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‘Professor Philmore’

sung by Hamilton “Web” Alexander
composed by Hamilton Alexander

produced by Garvin Marcelle

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“Professor Philmore”
Hamilton “Web” Alexander
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Born in 1959 was a great pan star
This pan man was really great,
They called him the “Professor
In the field of composing and arranging too
In terms of the instrument,
Nothing he could not do.
But a fatal accident brought things to an end
Now the pan fraternity
Mourning for you my friend.


You left us for higher heights
You flying higher than high
“Professor” Philmore, “Professor” Philmore
Always we will mourn for you
Gone but not forgotten
Professor Philmore, Professor Philmore
For this occasion we celebrate with the pan
Because of the love you had for the steel bands
Your inspiration we will never forget
We miss you for sure Ken “Professor” Philmore

Verse 2

Look, remember Pan by Storm
That great arrangement
The savannah was on high
What a marvellous achievement
When talking Panorama
We always remember it
It will go down for sure
As one of the great classics
Look people does still mention
And this is a norm
That final night Pan by Storm
Was second to none



Verse 3

Travelled all over the globe
Promoting T and T
Played with some big-time artists, internationally
Stars like Lionel Hampton and Tina Turner
He also backed up the Grand Master
With Pan In 'A' Minor
Look he was a genius no one can deny
He also kept the red, white, and black
Flying very high



Verse 4

He represented Sando with pride
He was loved down there
Joined Hatters and other steelbands
Settled with the Fonclaire
When promoting accolades
For the success of his career
He will mention Sound Specialists
Along with the great Fonclaire
This virtuoso of Pan I want people know
He was a product of Trinidad and Tobago


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