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Arima Angel Harps Steel Orchestra

2019 Tune of choice: Iron Love |  arranger:  Aviel Scanterbury


Additional info by Gideon Maxime - Steelband Showcase - 23rd January, 2002


This year 2002 marks the 41st Anniversary of the Band Angel Harps from Arima. The band was formed in 1961.

Around these years of the early 1960’s there were many newly formed and established bands around, so that Angel Harps had a tremendous job in qualifying far less winning any competition in their zone and by extension in a national scale competition.

But success by sheer dent of hard work was not long in coming. In 1970 the band was able to win the Eastern Panorama title with the arrangement done by Selwyn Paul. This was before the actual zoning of competitions began in 1976.

The first captain of the harps as they were familiarly called was James Joseph while the first arranger was Aidwyn Jordan better known as “Madman”. Jordan for his part trained panmen and was responsible in the conversion of Noctune Fascinators from a traditional to a conventional band.

Selwyn Williams was the Public Relations Officer as well as the Manager of the band.

Angel Harps have taken part in Panorama competitions continuously and have a proud track record.

 However, with an association with Jit Samaroo, the band took a quantum leap forward reaching the National Semi Finals on six different occasions. In 1992 the band played a composition “Steelband Coup” a composition and arrangement of lit Samaroo and again reached the National Semi Finals.

Although the band was sponsored for a short time by Bottler’s Limited, its tenacity is beyond doubt which will take it into the future with confidence and success.

Panorama Performance

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