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Carnival Messiah - Created by Dr. Geraldine Connor

Carnival Messiah features a 25-player steelband performing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

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Carnival Messiah

Geraldine Connor was born in London, in 1952, to Trinidadian parents and Caribbean cultural ambassadors Edric Connor, singer, actor, folklorist and film-maker and Pearl Connor, cultural activist, theatrical agent and black theatre consultant.

Carnival Messiah is a radical re-invention of Georg Freidrich Handel’s oratorio ‘Messiah’ for large scale stage and theatre, featuring Caribbean and contemporary popular music and dance genres, showcased through the spectacular carnival and masquerade of Trinidad and Tobago.

“Carnival Messiah brings together the cultures of the Caribbean through Trinidad Carnival and Handel’s Messiah and shows the story of Jesus Christ through the religious diversity of the West Indian diaspora.”

(2007, October 6). Messiah mania - Trinis wow audiences in England. The Trinidad Guardian. Retrieved from http://legacy.guardian.co.tt/archives/2007-10-06/features1.html

Created by Geraldine Connor
Executive Producer David Lascelles
Co-executive Producer Terry Suthers
Filmed & Edited by Ashley Karrell

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Geraldine Connor
Dr. Geraldine Connor

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