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Black History Month 2005

Steelpan Music and Instruments
Celebrate Ancestors


The Steelpan, an incredible invention by the descendants of African slaves who were brought to the western hemisphere, played a prominent role in the celebration services for the Ancestors at the historical 17th-19th century African burial ground in New York, where nearly 20,000 Africans from as early as the 17th century are buried....

..The Ancestors were treated to a first-class concert as their lives were celebrated with the spoken word, song, dance, music and rhythm.  The audience was treated to a first-time ever combination of musical greats Huge Masekela paired with the world-renowned Boys and Girls Harlem Choir.   The voices of the Ebony Ecumenical Ensemble echoed off the surrounding New York buildings with soul-stirring traditional black gospel music.  Their spiritual energies connected not only with the audience, but also with the souls of the Ancestors.