About When Steel Talks

When Steel Talks is dedicated to pan worldwide with particular emphasis on Pan In New York.  The purpose is to highlight the genius and beauty of the instrument, its music and the people who play.  It is a Basement Recordings, Inc. initiative designed to promote and educate the global community on, the culture of the Steelband.

It took little less than a year for When Steel Talks  (PanOnTheNet.com) to establish itself as the premier website for steelband-related information and activities globally. When Steel Talks was developed with the intention of providing a resource center where accurate historical musical information related to the instrument could be easily obtained. Moreover, it has successfully incorporated multimedia technology as the means of delivering the most beneficial and meaningful experience to site visitors. Our library of photographs, videos, audio recordings and interviews and steelband historical documents from the steelband innovators, inventors and players is second to none.

When Steel Talks has successfully bridged cultures and people from all walks of life, and is a major resource center for music educators, ethnomusicologists, fans. The site has been instrumental in popularizing and educating people about the instrument...

The initiative of the award-winning When Steel Talks site was additionally recognized in 2003 year by the City of New York through an Official Proclamation from the Mayor's Office.

The When Steel Talks network forum at whensteeltalks.ning.com has a membership of almost 18,000 steelpan music lovers worldwide and facilitates discussion on all matters related to the instrument and artform.

Contact us at: whensteeltalks@hotmail.com 
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