Pan Legends,
 2004 Band Launch

Steelband music took pan lovers to soaring heights at the Despers Pan Loft on Classon Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.  In a musical welcome to the month of August, little more than one month before the annual Panorama competition in which Despers USA takes part - Sunday August 1st was the second of a two-day weekend of Band launches, with Pantonic Steel Orchestra hosting their own event the day before.

The cozily-located Despers Pan Loft beckoned pan lovers within.  As with many band launches, it was the occasion for many to renew acquaintances for 2004, some people not having been in touch since the 2003 pan season.

One of two guest steelbands, Dem Stars Steel Orchestra - occupied the spotlight for two sessions.  Onlookers who managed to cop a space close to the front of the band enjoyed themselves to the max.  Others took in the music standing a little further back, while even more people stood directly outside the entrance.  A male vocalist added his undisputed talents to the band's presentation, with the crowd giving their definitive stamp of approval to his performance via loud applause.

Pantonic Steel Orchestra, at whose band launching Despers USA had performed the day before, returned the favor and endeared themselves to the audience next with a strong performance.  The stage side was in fine form and did not disappoint, leaving no doubt that they, along with the rest of the orchestra as defending champions who will  eventually take the stage for Panorama 2004 - would be a force again to be reckoned with.

Confidently rendering their own scintillating session in steel, Despers USA succeeded Pantonic.  Unrivalled in technique and touch, their playing was a delight to the ears of the crowd.  Like Pantonic, the stage side was a mere shadow of the mighty steel orchestral presence that would be Despers USA at the upcoming September 4th New York Panorama competition.  The band's large stands and additional instruments were already outside in varying stages of preparation along the sidewalks of Classon Avenue and Pacific Street.

There remains one more major launch on everyone's calendar - that of powerhouse Pan Sonatas Inc.  The much-anticipated annual Block party comes off on Saturday August 7th.  (Go to the Pan Calendar for more info).  The conclusion of the Despers USA pan happening set steelband lovers just right to get through their work week, and primed for another upcoming pan-filled weekend.

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