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Steelpan in South Africa
Celebrate Republic T&T Independence

  October  2, 2005  
Pretoria, South Africa - The newly opened TT High Commission in South Africa pulled out all the stops to showcase the fact that pan was the only musical instrument discovered since the 20th century. The occasion was the 43rd Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago held at the Sheraton Hotel, Pretoria, South Africa.  


In attendance was St. Dominic's Catholic School for Girls Steelband - one of some two hundred steelbands from all around South Africa.

photos courtesy of Shaun Francis


Doing a cameo appearance was the Rainbow High School Steelpan Ensemble who were brought all the way from Botswana to add a true Trini flavor to the prestigious occasion which included the who is who in the diplomatic core.

Rainbow, led by Hollis Clifton (Trini to de Bone) used their moko jumbies (dressed in TT national colours) to form a guard of honour to welcome guests and later to do their thing to soca music. Later Karysse and André Clifton enticed guests "to limbo like them".



St Dominic's Catholic School
for Girls Steelband


The TT high Commissioner is Ms. Donna Carter.

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