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  Global Steelpan Music News

Botswana - Recently the Clifton’s’ Family Steelpan Ensemble made a cameo appearance on Botswana National Television (BTV).

The musical aggregate consisting of the father – Hollis, daughters – Karelle, Karysse and son – Andre’ were appearing on a brand new family game show entitled “ Chalk and Cheese”. The twelve part series feature trumpets the idea of Botswana being a diverse nation working towards the common goal of social harmony and economic prosperity.

The show is aired each Saturday evening on BTV and is hosted by “ an expansive but likable personality” in Warona Setshwaelo – Botswana’s representative in the once popular show “Big Brother Africa 2003”.

In each feature of Chalk and Cheese one family team comes up against another in three rounds of competition. However, it is in the second round that the Clifton’s with the steelpans are featured.

Hollis Clinton and family

Here an expert demonstrates a particular skill, which may range from icing a cake to hanging wall paper to tap dancing or playing steelpan, as was the case in this episode.

The teams then have to repeat that demonstration with minimal time for practicing it. Inevitably they tie themselves in a knot to recreate what the expert did and the entertainment of the show rests largely on watching them cope with the disasters and embarrassments that ensue. The expert pannist, guided by host  Warona awards points based on their success after their demonstration… or upon their attitude to the task. So failure to complete the task does not mean no points. Perseverance, co-operation, penmanship and character are everything.

The Clifton’s are from Trinidad and Tobago and have been in Botswana since 1999 pumping up the art form.

Chalk and Cheese was produced by Red Stone Film and TV for BTV.

The Cliftons attire was sponsored by Botswana Life Insurance Limited and designed by Black Trash

Hollis Clifton – Africa Correspondent

July 10, 2005


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July 10, 2005

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