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Grenada - It was a proud moment for 15 panists who successfully passed their Grade 1 music exams and were awarded their certificates at the Band Fete of the NCB Angel Harps.  The 15 young panists came from three steel orchestras on the island, namely:  Rainbow City All Stars, River Road Pan Wizards, and Angel Harps Steel Orchestra.

The candidates were tutored by Mr. Andy Chichester who obtained his BA in Music from the University of the West Indies and is now sharing his knowledge with his fellow panists.  The panists did their exams in June with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.

The results are as follows:  seven panists received distinctions, five received merits and three others, passes.  The outstanding panist was Ms. Reena Andrews from Angel Harps Steel orchestra with 97 marks, followed by Ms. Ria Delves of Angel Harps and Jane Nelson of Pan Wizards.   The outstanding male panist was Mr. Kester Joseph of Pan Wizards with 92 marks, and Mr. Jevon Andrews of Angel Harps with 91 marks.  

Mr. Gerard Tamar, captain of Angel Harps Steel Orchestra presented the panists with their certificates and encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence in their music.  Eleven panists were from Angel Harps, three from Pan Wizards and one from Rainbow City All Stars. The panists start their classes for Grade 2 in September, and a new group of panists will start the Grade 1 program.

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D. Seale Grenada Correspondent



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