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Countdown to New York Panorama 2005

Pre-emptive SteelPan Strike
Pre-Steelband Panorama Concerns

  July 9, 2005

New York - Rather than wait until after New York's panorama to weigh in on the annual gripes, we have decided to speak our piece early.  Before the fact, or as some of our pan buddies believe, before the annual pre-meditated steelpan crimes, if you like, against the steelpan community and its fans.  In this regard, today we turn our attention to the panorama audio sound reinforcement engineers (Mr. Sound Engineer).

It may seem that this story is told time and time again, and before the event, with enough time given to the respective organizations responsible - if they truly cared enough - to turn things around.   But each year it remains the same.  So here we are again.

Nothing personal, but on behalf of the steelpan community we would like to like sincerely invite you, Mr. Sound Engineer, not to come to, or participate in any shape, or form, in the panorama this year.  Pick up your check, get paid, but please don't come to the panorama this year.  You have gotten worse with age.  And the pan people really fear what you might have in store for them this year.  You have this knack for turning the sweet pan music of the steelband panorama competition into a sonic, "code red" terrorist assault.  Last year you pulled a new one - as you continued to get worse as the show went on.  You have a rare ability to make basses sound like tenors and tenors sound like basses.  Moreover, you wipe the smiles and joy off the faces of the steelpan fans once they hear your work.

Somehow, you, Mr. Sound Engineer, and the people who continue to hire you have continuously escaped the grasp of NYPD.  The steelpan community thanks you for not showing up at the recent World Steelband Music Festival at Madison Square Garden.  People were scared out of their wits that you might show up there and ruin the show.  As you know by now your absence contributed mightily to this great steelpan music event's success.

Anyway, the pan community will grant you a full pardon for your past wanton and grievous acts (in addition to the total disregard and disrespect for the steelpan performers, their art form and paying patrons) that you committed on behalf of those who hire you annually to torture us.  All this, if you would just pick up your check, get paid and stay home on panorama night.

New York's vibrant steelpan music community represents one of the best, biggest and most significant cultural, educational and historical stages for pan in the world.  They deserve better.

Panorama fans can spell "REFUND."

New York Champions Sonatas Steel Orchestra On Stage

July 9, 2005

Click on link below if movie does not auto start 
speaker.gif (351 bytes) Stage2 Special WSMF Practice Performance

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