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Date:  8.08.05

New York

Countdown to New York Steel Band Panorama 2005

 WIADCA / Brooklyn Museum host
Pre- Labor Day Carnival Exposť

Pan Night and Day

Sonatas,  Pantonic, Women In Steel, and Sesame Flyers

Brooklyn, New York - Anytime heavyweights like Sonatas Steel Orchestra the 2004 NY champions, and Pantonic Steel Orchestra former three-time consecutive-champions come together, it is going to be an interesting event.  This time the place was in front of New York's famous historical landmark the Brooklyn Museum, and it was part of an event produced by WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) in conjunction with the Brooklyn Museum.  WIADCA is the organizer and promoter of the Caribbean parade and carnival activities for the New York Labor Day weekend.  Rounding out the line up for the evening were Women In Steel and Sesame Flyers.  WIADCA also announced its events' schedules for the 2005 carnival weekend.  The large crowd that was present clearly enjoyed itself.

Yolanda Lezama-Clark President of WIADCA

 At the Brooklyn Museumís First Saturdays, thousands of visitors enjoy free programs of art and entertainment on the first Saturday of each month.   On such Saturdays, the Museum is open and free to the public from 5 to 11 PM.  Galleries, cafes, and bars are accessible, and free special events are programmed, including a family art activity, gallery talks, films, live music, and a dance party.

Aiming for a full preview of what is in store for the 2005 Labor Day event and week of activities leading up to it, the WIADCA-organized included several other elements.   Stilt walkers or 'moko jumbies' also thrilled the crowd, especially the more awestruck youngsters who accompanied their families.  And available to whet the appetite of prospective masqueraders were representatives from some of the bands which will be taking the parade route along Eastern Parkway this year on Labor Day.   Music band 'The Renegades' also performed during the afternoon's activities.

Sonatas Steel Orchestra

The beautiful weather held up its end of the bargain, which was just as well, so that the families present could allow their young ones to run around freely until the  music program got off to a bit of a late start.  Sonatas began playing around 5:00 PM, followed by Women In Steel.  The Renegades, who set things in motion shortly before Sonatas, interspersed musically between the orchestras.  With the program scheduled to end promptly at 7:00 PM, the sets performed by the steel orchestras were much shorter than usual.   None of the four bands present played for longer than twenty minutes, or more than five selections. 

It was definitely a First Saturday with a difference.  Summery weather, sun, steel, soca, and song, together with the taste of costumed revelry, set the tone for the days and nights to come, including the week leading into the Labor Day weekend celebrations.

Saturday August 6, 2005


All pictures by Basement Pan photographers R. Pope and C. Phillips

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