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  July 11, 2005  

Countdown to New York Panorama 2005

Marsicans Band Launch 2005
Despers USA, Sesame Flyers, Sonatas and Marsicans



New York - Four of New York's contenders for the prestigious 2005 New York steelband music panorama championship title performed at the annual Marsicans Steel Orchestra band launch.  This standing room only event again provided the steelband music fans with an opportunity to size up and hear the stage sides of the bands perform a wide variety of music as they head down the road to the panorama championship in September.


Sonatas Steel Orchestra performing at the Marsicans 2005 Launch

The 2004 champions Sonatas opened the event and performed with distinction as they continued their impressive summer season under the musical directive of arranger Yohan Popwell.  The group displayed additional and new music wrinkles to its repertoire.  Popwell has taken the group way past "verse and chorus," as attention to musical details (execution, dynamics, variations and tempo modification) has moved to the forefront.   Sonatas are taking every outing and the  band launches very seriously as they continue to raise the bar.  And they are letting it be known to all groups and music arrangers "come with your 'A' game to every event -or don't come at all."


Despers USA Steel Orchestra performing at Marsicans 2005 Launch

Despers USA provided a steady, consistent and tested repertoire that accented the group's knowledge and mastery of the steelpan instruments.  Their 'touch' remains second to none.   The organization's blend of dedicated  "winning" veterans and exuberant young musicians will bode well for the Despers' tradition and commitment to outstanding performance musicianship.


Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra performing at Marsicans 2005 Launch

Sesame Flyers' overall commitment to youth has begun to payoff as their talented young crew presented the audience with musical evidence of  their forward progress and potential to move into the upper echelon of the New York steelband community.  The group is displaying confidence and  maturity as it now defines its own musical identity.  Their gifted young arrangers, Freddy Harris, III and Andy Akiho have brought stability to the outfit.


Marsicans Steel Orchestra performing at their 2005 Launch

Marsicans as the musical hosts closed the show.  However, it is unfortunate that due the lateness of the evening that not as many people got to hear them perform as should have.  The group gave an excellent account of themselves, and sent a clear message that Marsicans intends to remain a dominant force on the steelband music landscape in the North American region.


Pictorial Review  -- All pictures by Basement Pan Photographers - R. Pope - C.Phillips

July 11, 2005 -

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