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Sakésho Returns To Satalla


July 8, 2005


New York - It's Thursday evening in New York City - the city that never sleeps.  New York's the place where you can find great musicians performing any genre of music from any era,  anytime you crave.  And if your fancy was great music of the French Caribbean with a touch of the steelpan, you needed to look no further than the city.  This evening When Steel Talks traveled to the lower west side of the Manhattan island to catch up with the group Sakésho  at the popular Satalla club.

Sakésho Returns To Satalla

The group is currently on a torrid tour of the United States that will take them to three different cites in three nights.  Sakésho features steel panist Andy Narell.  Anytime Sakésho takes the stage you are in for a treat.  And on this night the group delivered again with a special added surprise - Cuban saxophone and clarinet great Paquito D'Rivera joined in on the set.

July 8, 2005

photos by Pan Photographer - R. Pope


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