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Vandalized to Destruction:
Vandal destroys Utopia Pan Soul: The Next Generation's instruments.


Literally hours before Brooklyn steel orchestra Utopia Pan Soul:  The Next Generation was to perform at a major Rhode Island function, a disgruntled care-taker "took" an ax to all the band's instruments, and destroyed over fifteen drums which included background, front line and bass pans.

A greatly-reduced but still spectacular-sounding Utopia Pan Soul:  The Next Generation, fulfilled their obligations and thrilled patrons at the "SOUND SESSION '04", an international music festival sponsored by the Providence Black Repertory Company and the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture & Tourism.  The band played on Saturday July 24 in Providence, Rhode Island.

To replace the instruments would cost at least fifty thousand dollars, which is totally outside the band's financial capabilities. Members of the organization called the wanton destruction an extreme setback, especially around this time of year when the  orchestra is quite active.







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