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October  11, 2005

Yamaha's AW 2400 gets the nod at AES... 
New Technology Ideal for Steelpan...


New York - The annual Audio Engineering Society (AES) 119th convention was ongoing this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. 

Tom Griffin (l) and Phil Clendeninn (r) demonstrate
 the Yamaha AW 2400 at the AES Convention

There were over four hundred and fifty-four exhibitions by leading manu-facturers in audio technology, and twelve thousand registered attendees over the four-day period.

The event showcases the latest developments in audio engineering technology.  As is customary steelpan recording outfit Basement Recordings (BR) was on assignment at the show, with the intention of scoping out what's new in broadcasting and recording technology, especially as it relates to enhancing steelpan artists' creativity, and to the capturing and performing processes.  When Steel Talks asked the BR crew to pick one piece of technology that was a 'must-have' for the steelpan musician.

While there were many products that merit mention and attention in regards to maximizing the panman's productivity and sound reinforcement, it was Yamaha's AW 2400 professional Audio Workstation which piqued Basement Recordings' interest and received a 'two thumbs up' as a great addition for the steelbands and steelpan artists. 

Ace musician and steelpan arranger Clive Bradley checks out Basement Recordings setup during the 2005 summer yard recording session

The AW-2400 is a 16-input/24-track digital workstation with a built in CD-RW drive that allows the user to burn audio CDs directly on the unit.  The unit's professional-class performance specifications makes

 it ideally suited for steelpan music capturing and production.  The unit provides 24-bit hard disk recording, and comes with a  40-gigabyte high-speed  hard disk that provides plenty of internal storage as well as fast, reliable recording and playback performance.

If you are looking for a compact, easy-to-use unit to produce quality productions you can't go wrong with the AW-2400.

In addition to it's well known recording within the steelpan community, BR is known for it's digital recording educational activities within the recording sector.  The AW-2400 will become available to the public in late November.


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