Kisakadee launches Debut Solo Album –
‘Don’t Look Back’

Born in England with little eyesight, Kiskadee, a Trinidadian by descent, is a full time singer, songwriter and pan player. Her father Michael ‘Natsy’ Contant was born and raised in Woodbrook, Trinidad. Growing up around people like Ellie Mannette, Natsy became a household name as a pan tuner. He was a founding member of the Starlift Steel Orchestra and in the 50's went to England as tuner for famous Dixieland Steel Orchestra. He became one of the most influential pan tuners, players and designers in Europe. Kiskadee's mother, Carol, came to England from Guyana in the 50's and studied at the Royal Academy of Music where she obtained several degrees. At the age of two, Kiskadee learned to play the piano and started singing. By five, she was playing the steel pan and singing in the family steel band, the Rainbow Steel Band travelling throughout Europe.

After gaining a BA Honours degree in French and English and then working for the BBC for several years, Kiskadee entered the music arena full time as a singer, songwriter, pan player, producer and arranger. Her style of music combines her Trinidadian roots with a contemporary new school R&B feel and has a social and spiritual comment.

She is currently working with the Los Angeles producer John Barnes and is launching her debut solo album "Don't Look Back" in July 2005 on a tour of the Caribbean, travelling from the Dominican Republic to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Jamaica and Miami, with the Voices of Baha Choir and Grammy winning producer K.C. Porter.


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