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  July 15, 2005  

Steelpan Virtuoso Iman Pascall
Does It Again




  Iman Pascal performing a Madison Square Garden during recent World Steelband Music Festival

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Representing New York in the Performing Arts category for musical instrumental finals, Iman Pascall took the "Silver Position" while using the steelpan as her instrument of choice in the US Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics ACTSO national finals.  The young talent came in second in a field of 150 competitors, of the most talented instrumentalists in the USA.  The competition took place in Milwaukee at the annual NAACP convention.   As her prizes, Iman walked away with a laptop, and a $1,500.00 prize purse.

Iman is also a member of Basement Recordings Brooklyn's Finest recordings project. The fall of 2005 will find Iman Pascall furthering her own education via a full 4-year scholarship as one of the students in Berkley College of Music in Boston.




July 15, 2005 -



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