Pantonic Steel Orchestra - “In My House” - New York Panorama Performance

Clive Bradley - Arranger

Brooklyn, New York, USA - This is the championship performance of Pantonic Steel Orchestra on stage at the 1999 New York Panorama, playing “In My House” arranged by the master himself, Clive Bradley.

Mr. Bradley makes his triumphant return to New York after a seven-year absence. He will lead Pantonic to their first Panorama championship. This relationship would result in four more championships in the next few years and forever cement the name ‘Clive Bradley’ in the annals of steelband music history as one of the greatest ever!

   Pantonic Steel Orchestra at the 1999 NY Panorama - “In My House” - Clive Bradley - Arranger

Steel Orchestras who performed “In My House” for a Panorama Steel Orchestra competition:

Clive Bradley with Pantonic Steel Orchestra - 1999
Pantonic Steel Orchestra with arranger Clive Bradley on stage at the 1999 New York Panorama competition