A Moment in Pan

New Dimension Steel Orchestra - Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire

LIVE in Antigua - Moods of Pan Festival - 2004

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - New Dimension Steel Orchestra performing Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire  as arranged by David “Peck” Edwards and captured by Basement Recordings.

LIVE at  Moods of Pan - Antigua - New Dimension Steel Orchestra - 2004

In the late Fall of 2004 When Steel Talks had the honor of covering the 2004 Moods of Pan festival in Antigua. New Dimension Steel Orchestra from Grenada was one of the featured powerhouse groups that year.  Here is a short summary of their Saturday Night performances as arranged by the legendary David “Peck” Edwards and captured by Basement Recordings.

New Dimension Steel orchestra at Moods of Pan 2004
David "Peck" Edwards and New Dimension Steel Orchestra taking the stage at the Gemonites' 2004 Moods of Pan Festival

The core of the orchestra hails from the nation's capital, St. George's and consists primarily of teenagers. The band's assistance of eight schools in the steelpan art form enhances their youth membership, in addition to New Dimension's own training programme which begins every September. That initiative also contributes to the teenage influx.  See more

New Dimension Steel Orchestra
New Deminsion Steel Orchestra with David "Peck" Edwards at Moods of Pan 2004