‘Pan on The Road’ - Renegades Steel Orchestra

written by Jit Samaroo and Michael Marcano

Renegades fans turn out in droves to panyard...

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Performing a Jit Samaroo-arrangement.  When Steel Talks captures Renegades Steel Orchestra as they played “Pan on The Road” at their Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain panyard in 2004, in preparation for the then-upcoming annual national Panorama competition in Trinidad.   See more

   ‘Pan on The Road’- Renegades Steel Orchestra 
You're watching and listening to Renegades Steel Orchestra performing "Pan on the Road " composed by Jit Samaroo as recorded by Basement Recordings in their yard (February 20, 2004) before Panorama. The complete performance is 10 minutes long. Arranger - Jit Samaroo - 2004

The name Renegades is immediately associated with champions, precision, and perfection. Renegades represents one of the most respected, oldest and elite steel orchestras in the world. Their distinct style and high performance level are renowned globally. When Steel Talks is pleased to have captured some of the many moods and accomplishments of Renegades over the past years.

The BP Renegades Steel Orchestra was founded somewhere around 1945, at the end of the Second World War. This makes it one of the world’s oldest surviving steelbands. The name Renegades was selected from a movie by the same name, during a period when the early steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago organized themselves as small armies, and often chose names that were popularized by movies about the World War.

The Renegades Steel Orchestra  has developed over the years into an ensemble of outstanding musicians that has written its name indelibly on the musical landscape around the globe; in the process becoming the most traveled cultural ambassadors of the twin-island Republic.

Renegades Steel Orchestra
Renegades on stage for Panorama finals 2004