A Moment in Pan

Duvone Stewart & Pan Fantasy

LIVE in Antigua - Moods of Pan Festival - 2006

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Duvone Stewart performing Shurwayne Winchester's Don't Stop, Bob Marley's I Shot the Sheriff and Third World's Now That We Found Love.

LIVE at  Moods of Pan - Antigua - Pan Fantasy featuring  Duvone Stewart - 2006

On November 2006 When Steel Talks had the honor of covering the 2006 Moods of Pan festival in Antigua. Pan Fantasy featuring Duvone Stewart from Trinidad & Tobago was one of the featured groups that year.  They simply stole the show.

Duvone Stewart
Duvone Stewart taking the stage at the Gemonites' 2006 Moods of Pan Festival

November 26, 2006 the date of Moods of Pan's final night, marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of the late master musician, arranger and composer Clive Bradley, who Pegus regards as his mentor. He most closely related to Bradley when in the mode of Panorama drummer for New York powerhouse Pantonic, Bradley's flagship steel orchestra. To the strains of the Eagles' classic Hotel California, Pegus reminded the audience of the significance of the date and asked the crowd to join him in the memory of the late master. As they clapped and cheered, to the surprise of many, Pegus, still seated behind the drums - launched into the vocals of Hotel California.  He stole the limelight for the next few minutes, the final few notes culminating with him not on drums, but with sticks in hand - at the front of the stage.  See more

Gregory Pegus
Gregory Pegus at Moods of Pan 2006