Tribute To Clive Bradley

The Man and His Work

A Von Martin Production

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Global - This past Summer noted producer/broadcaster Von Martin produced a special tribute to the late master composer/ arranger/ producer/ musician Clive Bradley. The program is a historical treasure trove that, in the words of Von Martin himself, "the fans of Bradley will definitely appreciate... it certainly brings Bradley to life."

Clive Bradley with Pantonic Steel Orchestra
Clive Bradley with Pantonic Steel Orchestra

In addition to showcasing the music of Bradley, the program features a very deep and thought-provoking interview with respected arranger, composer and ethnomusicologist Dr. Pat Bishop. Dr. Bishop who is currently Director of Trinidad's Carnival Institute, breaks down the essence of the genius of Clive Bradley. Dr. Bishop's interview is then followed by Von Martin's own 1982 interview with Clive Bradley. Von Martin was able to expose all the major characteristics of Bradley as he engaged him in conversation about his passions, pan and his approach to Panorama, among other things. Bradley reflects openly on his very special relationship with the people of Laventille, Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, and the legendary Rudolph Charles.

Von Martin has produced a very special tribute to Clive Bradley that, in addition to highlighting the master's musical brilliance, showcases his social awareness and consciousness, his genius, and his humanity. On behalf of the global steelband community When Steel Talks salutes Von Martin for this production and his availing of it for future generations of musicians to learn of the life and times of master musician and arranger Clive Bradley.

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