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Pan in New York 2009 CDs

Panyard Steel Orchestra performances
of panorama selections at their best

First thing: the Pan in New York 2009 CD - both ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ versions - like previous Basement Recordings steelpan music releases, is not for everyone. 

I repeat - it is not for everyone! 

“Pan in New York 2009” is for the listener with discerning and impeccable taste.  It is for the connoisseur of steelpan music audio of the finest quality. 

If you are used to, or are content with - listening to cell phone audio, low level mp3s, camcorders, DVDs with mono recordings, or even some of the high-priced products from steelpan ‘professional recording imposters’ that butcher pan music - these CDs are not for you.  In actuality, these CDs are for the individuals who know or want to experience the beauty and power of the 80 to 100–hundred player strong steel orchestra performing steelband panorama music.

Great pairing provide striking contrasts: Yohan Powell/Sonatas, Pelham Goddard/Sesame Flyers, Wilfred Kieal/Despers USA, Keith Roberts/Pantonic, Arddin Herbert/CASYM and Earl Rodney/D’Radoes. 

Sonatas Steel Orchestra
Audio sample

A few days before the 2009 New York steelband music panorama, Basement Recordings captured Sonatas Steel Orchestra in their panyard in Brooklyn, New York. Sonatas would go on to win the 2009 championship a few days later. This is a 3-minute sample of the ten-minute slow version of their panorama selection ‘Bandoleros.’

Captured also, is the grittiness of the New York panyard environs, both sonically and spiritually.  Because of the schedule and demand of the panorama season, Pantonic and CASYM were done with minimal field recordings approach - yet the rawness and clarity captured in yard recordings are still stunning.

There will be a limited printing.  If the past is a lesson - don’t wait to get your copy of these quality productions from Basement Recordings.

This year, two Pan In New York 2009 CDs are being released. “Pan In New York 2009” - the CD, will feature the orchestras performing at tempo.

The other CD, “Pan In New York - the Cooldown Versions” will feature the bands playing at reduced tempo (including the slow version performed by Sonatas, and sampled for listening on this page - above), an aspect which has always been in demand over the years, so that the arrangements as sonically envisioned by the arranger, and performed and executed by the steel orchestras, may truly be savored at a slower paced performance.

Both versions of Pan in New York 2009, will feature the musical skills of Despers USA, Sonatas, CASYM and Pantonic (all four have been Panorama champions in their own right over the years), in addition to D’Radoes and Sesame Flyers.

These two CD releases are, of course, a continuation of the Pan-4-Life series from Basement Recordings.

You can order these CDs from www.Pantonic.com/cds.  Call 1 (718) 434-0231, or contact any participating orchestra’s management...


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