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There are musical compositions, arrangements, and performances that are undeniably musical gems. Moreover they are true classics that have weathered the test of time. These classics continue to shine irrespective of the era, changes in musical taste or technology. Classics have global enduring qualities, which by definition have lasting significance. Desperadoes - Rebecca, All Stars - Woman On The Bass, Starlift - Penny Lane, North Stars - Poets and Peasants Overture , Phase II - Feeling Nice, Renegades - Pan Night and Day, Pantonic - Stranger, Garvin Blake - Footprints, Robbie Greenidge - Stardust, Rudy 'Two Left' Smith - Body and Soul, Emmanuel 'Jack' Riley - Melody in F to name a few - are representative of signature songs that automatically bring recognition for steelpan music aficionados. When Steel Talks begins it's Pan Classics series as we travel the globe to provide musical snippets of signature pieces from artists and bands, that, in addition to being great music, have historical significance along the global steelpan time continuum.

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