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New Dimension Steel Orchestra

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2023 Tune of choice: Finally  |  arranger:  Cordel Byam

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New Dimesion Steel Orchestra

The New Dimension Steel Orchestra is one of the biggest and most popular steel orchestras on the island of Grenada, located in the town of St. George’s. The band is approximately thirty-one years old with over ninety members from age as young as seven. The band has different sections such as the single tenor, double tenor, high seconds, guitars, four cellos and basses (4, 6 and 10).

A board of committee members, band captain and musical director head the steel orchestra. The band has been successful over the years, placing in the top three in national Panorama competitions. The band even represented the country in Caribbean Panorama in Trinidad, a music festival in Barbados and a world festival in the United States of America.

As the band continues to grow it offers classes for beginners and is open to members who have not been playing for years. The band is an active one and performs every weekend at Prickly Bay Marina and at the Spice Island Beach Resort in Fridays and at Coyaba Beach Resort in Saturday. The musicians of New Dimension Steel Orchestra see themselves as a family, not just as members of a group.

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