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2016 Tune of choice Scene  |  arranger:   Franklin Gerald

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The following data is now archived:  Manager Glenda Gamory passed in May 2019


Pantonic Steel Orchestra is made up of a group of talented young men and women who have captured the heart and soul of the urban Caribbean experience. In a nutshell – they are New York – in attitude, in presence. These exceptionally versatile musicians from varied backgrounds and cultures are equally comfortable with Rap, R&B and Popular musical genres as they are with Caribbean music. They represent the next level of the burgeoning steelband phenomenon.

In the premiere North American Steelband competition which takes place annually in New York, Pantonic - formed in 1997 and headed by founder Glenda Gamory - has placed 3rd in 1998, 1st in 1999, 2nd in 2000, and 1st again in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Through the years, the group’s special combination of musical excellence and dynamic drive, together with the original panists’ direct musical and blood lineage as children and grandchildren of the legendary members of Steel Orchestras such as Desperadoes, All Stars and Renegades – brought a legitimacy and fiery edge to their performances.

The world-wide acknowledged, unmatched and unchallenged musical wizardry of Pantonic’s late arranger Clive Bradley, combined with the unique and unrivalled capturing and production techniques of Basement Recordings, Inc., brought forth riveting steelband performances on Pantonic Live! The CD.  The inherent mystical and hypnotic pulsating of the drums in Pantonic’s pan performances as they staked their musical claim with clinically precise but intimidating thundering bass lines, accompanied with insistent and mesmerizing mids, and capped by the triumphant proclamation of their searing high notes – has been accurately reproduced by Basement Recordings in a way that will be unequalled by any other steelband audio productions.  Pantonic has also released two other CDs - Tonic For The Soul and Tonic Gems.

For the orchestra’s CDs and more info call: 1 (718) 434-0231 or 1 (718) 421-2042.

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