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2023 Tune of choice: This Melody Sweet  |  arranger:  Chris Storey

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Pan Nation Steel Band was founded in 2009 and has been running now for over ten years; the band has grown into a 30+player force of technically skilled young musicians. The band performs regularly at events ranging from Tottenham Hotspurs matches, to Leeds Carnival, to the London Lord Mayor's Show. In their repertoire, they explore a wide variety of genres (as well as their roots in Soca), which just goes to show the amazing diversity of the steelpan instrument.

They have also participated in the British Association of Steelbands’ (BAS) Pan Explosion and Junior Steelband Panorama competitions. Pan Nation's founder/manager/arranger Chris Storey won the 2009 BAS Pan Explosion Under 25s category with Pantasia Steel Orchestra.

He then went on with Pan Nation to win the Over 26s category in 2015 and they also came 3rd in the under 25s category. They captured second place in the 2017 Pan Explosion competition. Pan Nation also attained 2nd place in the BAS/CAPCA 2017 Junior Steelband Panorama.

Kimarné Henry, one of the band's cello players stated, “Pan Nation is a family, and that makes playing pan even more of a special experience.”

In 2019, Pan Nation competed at the UK National Steelband Panorama competition for the first time, with the band made up of one hundred players.

Manager: Chris Storey
Arranger: Chris Storey
Captain: Maisha Adams-Amalemba (2022)
Tuner: Grafton Yearwood

bio complied by Robbie Joseph - Pan Podium

Pan Nation Steel Orchestra Arranger

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