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Geraldine Connor
Dr. Geraldine Connor

First - First

In 1983 Geraldine Connor arranges for Ebony Steelband and delivers their first Panorama victory  - first woman to arrange a UK Panorama piece. The first woman to play bass in the then-Trintoc Invaders 1977 - 1983 and in 1984 was the first woman to arrange a Panorama tune for them.

Geraldine Connor was born in London, in 1952, to Trinidadian parents and Caribbean cultural ambassadors Edric Connor, singer, actor, folklorist and film-maker and Pearl Connor, cultural activist, theatrical agent and black theatre consultant.  

She was the recipient of the second highest National Award of Trinidad and Tobago, the Chaconia Medal Gold, for outstanding and meritorious service to that country, and is also regarded as probably one of the most influential Black female theatricians to emerge in 21st-century Britain, where she specialises in creating epic, live, large-scale spectacular, ethno-culturally diverse, carnivalesque musical and dance theatre events. | see more |


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