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Flag of Grenada

“There were lots of guys who went to Trinidad. Some remained in T&T. Among the ones who came back and were in the early steelband movement in Grenada was a fella named Willan Dewsbury. He was part of the Grenada steelband called Hell Cats (he’s the guy holding the flag in the photo). He later became an MP and served as Minister of Culture. He passed away a couple years ago [May 7, 2016].”  -- Lincoln DePradine

Hell Cats Steelband - Grenada
Hell Cats Steelband - with Willan Dewsbury holding flag - mid 1950s

- image provided by Lincoln DePradine

“The oldest steelband in Grenada is Republic Bank Angel Harps. Harps was founded in 1965 when 3 bands from the Carenage area came together as one. The 3 bands were Teensville, Harps Tones and Troubadours Steel Orchestra.

Angel Harps also was responsible for man “firsts” in Grenada. The first steelband to put pan on wheels and to use canopy. The first pan side to use a non-Grenadian pan tuner. That was Lloyd Gaye.”

Other bands that were around before Angel Harps that don’t exist today. One of those was GASSPO - the Grenada All Star Steel Percussion Orchestra. There also was a unique outfit Maestro. At one point, Maestro was both a steelband and a combo. -- Lincoln DePradine  

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Commancheros Steel Orchestra - Grenada

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