New York Pan Stars Steel Orchestra - Performance
at BSO’s ‘Pan Is Sweet’ competition

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    New York Pan Stars Performance -- “Pan Is Sweet” 2018
Promotional Flyer for Pan Is Sweet 2018 concert

New York, USA -


This is a re-airing of the performance by New York Pan Stars, at the Pan Is Sweet Steelband Competition, produced by BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra).


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New York Pan Stars Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet
New York Pan Stars Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet


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New York Pan Stars Steel Orchestra band logo

New York Pan Stars...


  • Malik Inniss

  • Antonio John

  • Chaelon Notice

  • Sage Harrison

  • Joel Edouard

  • Zeandre Douglas

  • Alexia Isaac

  • Kassandra Pierre

Double Tenors

  • Selena Antoine

  • Navarre Mason

Double Seconds

  • Andrew Semple

  • Marc Brooks - Arranger

Double Guitars


  • Keifer Dover


  • Starling Owens

  • Kianna Carrington


  • Noah Smit


  • Wilfred Kieal, Jr.

  • Andrea Wilson

  • Tamika Small

Arranger Marc Brooks

Arranger Marc Brooks: Despite having been born in the United States, Marc was able to connect to his parents’ Caribbean heritage through music. Around the age of 11, Marc was introduced to steel pan while watching footage from Trinidad’s carnival performances. He was amazed with the sound of the instrument and by the age of 13, Marc began learning more about the instrument through Sesame Flyers International, a well-known cultural organization located in the heart of the Caribbean community in Brooklyn, New York. Having quickly developed a love for the instrument, he sought to expand his knowledge of steel pan and music by reading theory books and taking advantage of every opportunity to rehearse. By the age of 14, Marc had already joined Sesame Flyers’ stage side band and began teaching the very same pan class that he once was a part of.
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