Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra - Performance
at BSO’s ‘Pan Is Sweet’ competition

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Promotional Flyer for Pan Is Sweet 2018 concert

New York, USA -


This is a re-airing of the winning performance by Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra, at the Pan Is Sweet Steelband Competition, produced by BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra).


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Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet
Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet


   Pan Evolution Performance - “Pan Is Sweet” 2018


Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra band logo

Pan Evolution Players....


  • Jabari Sharpe

  • Anija John

  • Wayne Bernard

  • Johnna Pelle

  • Akil Moses

Double Seconds

  • Brandon Waldrop

  • Jahi Sharpe

  • Markus Garceran

  • Demri Pelle

Double Tenors

  • Adrian Ramdoo

  • Rachelle Ramdoo


  • Tiffany Fields

  • Zion Hutchinson


  • Syanne Fleming

  • Joel Ramdwar

Tenor Bass

  • Sade Adams



  • Sheldon Thwaites


  • Dashawn Wallace


  • Lenny King

Arranger Andre Whiite

Arranger André White is one of today’s youngest most prolific steel-band arrangers, composers and performers. Starting from the age of six, in the little village of Freeport, New York, he began playing with family-based band ADLIB Steel Orchestra in which most if not all of his talents were explored, exposed, and fostered. Beginning on the tenor pan, André quickly learned how to play all the other instruments in the steelband family - but falling in love particularly with the Alto pan, the Double Seconds. Growing up, André also learned to play other contemporary instruments such as the Trombone, Drums and Percussion, Keys, along with others through his public school education process.  More on André White

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