Verona Steel Orchestra - Performance
at BSO’s ‘Pan Is Sweet’ competition

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    Verona Steel Orchestra Performance -- “Pan Is Sweet” 2018
Promotional Flyer for Pan Is Sweet 2018 concert

New York, USA -


This is a re-airing of the performance by Verona Steel Orchestra, at the Pan Is Sweet Steelband Competition, produced by BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra).


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Verona Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet
Verona Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet


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Verona Steel Orchestra band logo

Verona Steel Orchestra Players.....


Double Tenors

  • Jeffrey Jean

  • Tiffany Danielle

Double Seconds

  • Jada Charles

  • Warren Webster


  • Racquel Leonce

  • Isiah Nanton


  • Justin Fields

  • Jhacquel Sutton


  • Jonathan Denny

  • Malcom Rice

  • Brandon Modeste

Engine Room

  • Chad Layne

  • Aaliyah Hospedales

  • Javon Duncan

  • Isaac Womack

Arranger Damany James

Arranger Damany “BoB” James was born to Kenwayne and Shellyann James on July 23, 1996. Damany walks in his Trinidadian descent proudly as an arranger in the Brooklyn steelband community. Damany found interest in arranging from playing Panorama with CASYM (Arr. Arddin Herbert) Steel Orchestra during his early stages in steel pan.

Damany started playing pan in 2007 under the leadership of Tichard Chapman. In 2008, Damany became a member of the Higher Levin Steel Orchestra where he learned to be a better leader, musician and arranger....Damany and his group of loyal friends are the current champions of both the 2016 & 2017 Junior Pan Fest competition in New York. 
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