Grenada Steelpan Music Festival Postponed

WST World News Division

Grenada - It is with great disappointment and regret that Pan Pioneers Production announce the postponement of the first ever Grenada Steelpan Music Festival - PANFEST ONE to November 2008.

The Festival was planned to take place in two phases but will now be held as a single event in November 2008 and will feature competitions in the Solo, Duet, Quartet and Ensembles categories.

Phase one of the Festival was scheduled to take place in April 2008 and was to feature competitions in the Solo, Duet and Quartet categories. However, it was felt that the key to success of this Festival was a wide participation by all steel orchestras in Grenada, leaving Pan Pioneers with no choice but to postpone the event to a later date thereby giving the steel orchestras more time to prepare and to have as many representatives from their individual steel orchestras participate in this historic festival.

It is now hoped that with the postponement of the Festival, Steel Orchestras will have enough time to source the required personnel to assist their bands in preparation of the music to be played at the Festival.

Pan Pioneers Production is committed towards the development of the steelband artform in Grenada and in particular to the musical development of the pannists both practically and theoretically.

Pan Pioneers can be contacted at or through Mr. David Seales 473-405-6868


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