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Pan Trinbago Mourns the Loss of Steelpan Pioneer and Historian

Oscar Pile
17 January 1922—26 February 2008

The Steelband Movement mourns the passing of one of its foremost contributors, Oscar Pile, who saw the birth of Oscar Pilethe Steelband Association and who throughout his life played significant roles.

Oscar imparted his knowledge and shared very much of his experiences during his many stints as lecturer on “The Evolution of the Steelband”. His lecture audiences could have been found in London, New York, the Caribbean and here at home.

As a member of the fraternity he used his influence to encourage people like Albert Gomes, Canon Farquhar and R.A. Moze to throw their support behind the steelbandsman. He was known to be so wily that he earned the nickname “The Fox”.

“Bogart’ was another sobriquet which spoke of his style of dress and matter of fact approach to issues.

Oscar Pile along with the late Sydney Gollop traveled the length and breadth of Trinidad in their bid to assist steelbandsmen who stood before the Courts; it was he who organized the transport and with letters from Albert Gomes and R.A. Moze, they would approach the magistrates.

The Casablanca Steel Orchestra was led for several years by Pile. This band saw many successes under his astute leadership.

Before his passing, Oscar was retained by Pan Trinbago as a Cultural Resource Officer and more than that worked alongside Kim Johnson as a member of the team who produced the book “If Yuh Iron Good, Yuh is King”.

Oscar Pile - How steelband Started

Oscar was somewhat of a mentor to the present President of Pan Trinbago [Patrick Arnold], even as he was to past Presidents.

Pan Trinbago salutes Oscar Pile and the Association commiserates with his family and friends.

The funeral of Oscar Pile takes place on Monday 3rd March 2008 at Clark & Battoo’s funeral home, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, at 11:00 a.m., thence to The Cinerary, St. James.

May God receive him in glory.

From the News Desk of Pan Trinbago

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