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Pan Trinbago did Show Resilience

Pan Trinbago did show resilience, keeping the fires burning, and the Steel bands Flags flying high in 2008, given the many challenges that keep threatening its very survival.

Incorporated by an Act of Parliament, (Act No. 5 of 1986), still, for reasons unknown to Pan Trinbago, there is no clear understanding or agreement with those in authority concerning the rights and entitlements of Pan Trinbago Inc. So, we keep on imploring in anticipation of our just dues.

Another highly anticipated and successful Panorama Competition was concluded at Skinner’s Park, San Fernando on Carnival Saturday. We saw Phase 11, Sound Specialists and Pan Elders as WINNERS in the large, medium and small bands categories, respectively, for Panorama 2008. Hearty congratulations are extended to all concerned.

One week after Carnival, we promoted the new and innovative Post-Carnival Steel band concert labeled “Crème de la Crème". This replaced the Champs in Concert. In fact, the response to this highly entertaining Concert was so overwhelming that our Organization received requests for the hosting of three (3) such Concerts. They were hosted in Port of Spain, San Fernando, and Tobago, and received excellent reviews. At present, overtures are being made to have the Concert staged in the South Eastern Town of Mayaro.

The Pan in D 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane Competitions are ever growing Steel band sensations that continue to make waves and attract world class attention. This is our tenth year of hosting these Competitions and, we are grateful to still have on board, our original sponsor, The Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago. Our gratitude is also extended to The National Lotteries Control Board and the National Carnival Commission for their unstinting support.

Congratulations to the winners Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra – Tobago Region and Marsicans Steel Orchestra – Eastern Region for taking top honors for the Pan in the 21st Century and the Pan Down Memory Lane, Competitions, respectively this time around.

Pan Jazz in D Yard in its second year running, was held at the RBTT Redemption Sound Setters’ spacious Pan Theatre in Bethel, Montgomery, in the tranquil and serene Sister Isle of Tobago. This is the big one. For Steel band lovers to miss this real Jazz Festival held over two nights, and featuring some of the world’s best Pan Jazz artists, is to miss a treat. Some patrons were overheard saying, that they would rather miss Christmas than miss Pan Jazz in D Yard in Tobago.

Very Special Thanks to Mrs. Marie Toby, Captain of the RBTT Redemption Sound Setters Steel Orchestra, and the dedicated and hard working members of this organization. They contributed in no small way to the growing success of this remarkable event.

Pan Jazz in D Yard is now a fixture on the calendar of events of Trinidad and Tobago. For making this possible, we give special Thanks to the Tobago House of Assembly and the National Lotteries Control Board for their continued support.

To you the loyal Pan patrons, lovers, aficionados who would let us know by your presence, that we are on the right track we are also very grateful. Thanks to the many Mothers and Fathers, and Husbands and Wives and family in general, who would lend support and understanding over the many nights of long and grueling practice?

Our only difficulty as an Organization is, the air of uncertainty in which we are made to operate. And this is so because of the lack of understanding by some influential operatives in the society, who fail to recognize the rights of Pan Trinbago as an incorporated body.

Presently, Panists who took part in Panorama 2008 are receiving their cheques from Pan Trinbago. Special commendation must go to The Honorable Marlene McDonald, Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs for keeping her promise to raise the Panists’ stipend by Six Hundred Dollars, thereby increasing it from Four Hundred to One Thousand Dollars. Things seem to be moving forward in this area. We would also like to gently remind the Honorable Minister of her promise to further supplement this amount for 2009, and until we reach a most reasonable position.

Our organization will continue seeking betterment, as time marches on.

Michael LeRoi Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Pan Trinbago
The World Governing Body for Steelpan

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