Pan Man to be Honored in Cuba

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Trinidad - Pan Trinbago and one of its stalwarts have come in for high praise in the promotion of the national instrument and the assimilation of the “pan culture” in Cuba.

In an official communiqué sent to the Organization, Lic. Jude Carasquero, Subgenerente y Vicerepresentante, Officina de Facilitation de Comercio e Industria in thanking the pan body also extended an invitation from the Cuban Cultural Ministry’s Agency to Comrade Fitzroy Henry to attend the prestigious “Festival of the Caribe” celebrations in July where he will be presented with an award.

Henry’s award is for his noble and notable work in promoting the steelpan in Cuba and resulting in the development of arts and culture in that country.

Carasquero went on say he would like to develop technical cultural exchanges in the near future with the twinning of The Cubans and the Cobre Steelband from Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago.

“Pan Trinbago has the purest of my hopes as a builder and I look forward to further cultural collaboration with your illustrious organization in promoting our national instrument here in Cuba.” he elaborated.

Fitzroy Henry is a pan tuner and pannist of 40 years’ experience serving Pan Trinbago at various levels. He was a former Chairman of the Northern Region, Trustee in the Central Executive and is at present the Steelband Development Officer. Henry is also the Leader of Humming Birds Pan Groove of Fort George Road, St. James.

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