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Breaking all the Rules with no Apology, Flaunts International Appeal

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Denmark's Sonic Steel

Denmark's Sonic Steel

One would believe that anything this good has got to be simply ‘scandalous’ with a capital S.  Internet radio program featuring steelpan music is back with a vengeance. The long–awaited return of Cool Steel” – anticipated for a few months now – has not disappointed. If the truth be told the program is even better than before. Hugging its trademark high–quality music productions and ground–breaking music performances from all over the world, Cool Steel, anchored by the inviting and knowledgeable on–air personality known to us only as “Decy,” remains phenomenal.  Simply awesome, great music featuring fantastic musicianship from throughout the globe, Cool Steel is not–so–quietly redefining the expectations and accepted norms for a global music program featuring everything from soft rock to cool jazz.

Decy has found an amazing way to control the balance of all the different musical formats and genres of steelpan music available worldwide - big band, pan around the neck and orchestra to soloists. Moreover, in addition to making the world aware of the greatness of the steelpan instrument and culture, the engaging Decy brings a level of professionalism and know–how to the music broadcast arena that has been sorely missing from on–air music broadcast personalities across the board.  Decy is the chief chef and developer of a captivating, potent and scandalously delicious recipe of musical treats marinated and cooked together and presented on a platinum plate as no one to date has accomplished. To limit Cool Steel’s effectiveness, reach and success to the steelpan music genre would be an insult.  The critically–acclaimed Cool Steel is required listening for any lover of music, regardless of musical affiliations or tastes.  It’s that good.  It is musical food for your soul that will wreak havoc with any selective diet, or self–imposed reduction to exposure, of good music.

Cool Steel feeds its audience a steady fare of musical gems from every continent on the globe with never–before–heard pan–music delicacies for many, which leave the listener begging for more, craving and checking the detailed and professionally laid–out playlist, seeking to devour what’s on for dessert – simply a scandalously first-rate position to be in!  The international appeal and concept of the program is unique.

Cool Steel is a live music history lesson, current events and musical listing of the legends, greats and stars—known and rising—to be discovered online, facilitating and presenting some of the most magnificent music compositions, arrangements and performances.  Moreover, it is a weekly gathering and delivery of some of the greatest music on the planet – sumptuous food for the soul.  The connection of the audience to the music and lives of its performers through it’s host is a vital component of the show that is not appreciated in many of today’s musical shows.

Cool Steel has found the recipe to attract a wide and varied global listening audience that crosses all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, ethnic groups and designations, into true gigantic online stadiums that are restrained only by the current digital delivery music systems.  Moreover, the Cool Steel format and broadcaster are clearly not bound by the normal absurd music program directives and marketing schools of thought.  A glance through this week’s menu showcases musical morsels from cuisines from as far as Denmark and Switzerland to good old Southern Mississippi cooking, depending on your location.  From the mobile iPod generation to the stringent doorkeepers of great music - Cool Steel’s admirers and patrons continue to grow. 

There are few radio music shows that can compare to “Cool Steel” regardless of market or music genre.  Indeed its signature moniker is very apropos: “Internet Radio With A Difference” says it all.

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