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Scipio Sargeant, well known Guitarist and Steelpan Arranger, ill

Scipio Sargeant

New York - Frankie McIntosh, Tony ‘Bugs’ Niles and other musicians are involved in an effort to rally musicians and other interested parties to assist Scipio ‘Sarge’ Sargeant, well known steelband arranger and guitarist in these parts, who is very seriously ill.  A special fund raiser is being held on Thursday October 16, between 7:30 and 10:00 pm at the Sesame Flyers cultural center at 3510 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.  

The Sesame Flyers organization has graciously allowed the use of their center for the fundraiser, and to allow for all to come by and make a donation.  Sargeant’s ex-wife Debbie will be on hand to collect contributions on his behalf.

Over the years, ‘Sarge’ has been a significant figure on the music scene and has performed both within and outside the Caribbean community.  Of equally impressive note, are his years as co-arranger for Despers USA steel orchestra during their record run of winning the New York Panorama for six consecutive years.

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