CASYM Assembles “Think Tank” to Look to the Future

Visionaries Now and Beyond

Members of “Think Tank” team work on solving issues
Members of “Think Tank” team work on solving issues

Brooklyn, New York, USA -  While CASYM (Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Youth Movement, Inc.) is better known internationally for the accomplishments of its world class steel orchestra, there is no doubt the group has always been much more than just a stellar music organization. CASYM is now celebrating its 25th year of existence and is at a serious crossroad. With mounting issues and obstacles to their continued existence and future, CASYM decided to become proactive in meeting these challenges and surmounting hurdles.

On Saturday September 27th CASYM held a special closed session at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the untapped notable minds of a small group of friends, associates, and past members of CASYM with a host of skills, information and working connections, as part of a “think tank” to set up the path to problem-solving a host of issues that currently threaten the organization’s growth and future. The meeting was chaired by Glenda Cadogan and moderated by Nandi Ogunlade.

CASYM Fast Facts

  • CASYM is the acronym for the Caribbean American Sports and Cultural Youth Movement. Since its inception in 1983 as a non-profit organization, CASYM has provided academic, recreational, social and cultural activities for young people...
  • Offers free youth and community programming
  • Has taught steelpan lessons to over 5,000 youths
  • Enrolls between 100-200 students annually
  • Over 90% of CASYM participants have graduated from high school, some are college-bound, and many others - college grads
  • Implemented the Steelband program in over 25 New York City public schools in Brooklyn and in other boroughs in New York City

Labeled “Visionaries Now and Beyond” CASYM put these talented people with a wide variety of skills, know-how and expertise, into problem-solving task forces at the think tank.  Financial planning, community relations, housing, administration, funding, programs and curricula were among some of the key areas the forum concentrated on.

CASYM’s President William Jones and Think Tank participants
CASYM’s President William Jones and Think Tank participants

Earl Alleyne, one of CASYM’s founding members, gave a brief history of the organization from its initial inception to the present; it is clear that CASYM has impacted positively on the lives of many young people on their journey. Progressive, visionary, unconventional, leaders and ‘in forward motion’ are some of the words that readily come to mind as one listens to the testimonies of some of the past associates and student graduates of CASYM programs.

One of the best sources of potential wealth for CASYM, is the abundance of talent and knowledge embodied in the people who come through and are associated with, their programs and organization.  With that understanding, CASYM is poised to implement new strategies: fresh perspectives and different tactics, with novel approaches to old and new problems, to insure its growth and continued success.  The “think tank” put forth many concrete ideas on how to take advantage of CASYM’s standing in the political, cultural, educational and entertainment domains of the USA as a whole, and New York City locally.

Mr. Jones, CASYM’s president said  to one of the groups “it is good that we know what didn’t work... take that and move forward with new ideas.” Mr. Jones is acutely aware that CASYM’s success and continued existence in the future, is directly connected to the investment the organization has already made in the thousands of people who have attended and benefited from, their program.  In addition, Mr. Jones’ vision and call  for assistance in moving forward through the ideas generated in the think tank, is a recipe for many other similar organizations in similar circumstances.

Members of CASYM’s “Think Tank” team
Members of CASYM’s “Think Tank” team

The participants in this exercise appeared enthusiastic, equal to the tasks and committed.  There were many promising ideas and concepts presented which included, among others, the inclusion of new and developing technologies to modernize and make more dynamic - traditional approaches to everything from fund raising to community relations.  CASYM has already moved on what all cultural and educational organizations must realize - change with the times to remain relevant and successful - or cease to exist.

Anyone interested in joining or contributing to CASYM’s support team are urged to do so by contacting CASYM directly. Corporate entities interested in forming associations or partnering with CASYM can contact Mr. Jones directly at the following:

Contact CASYM at 1 (718) 735-6708 | Email -

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