Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2009

Steelpan Ace Shawn Thwaites & wife Sabreen
combine Pan, Vocals
in Lebanese performance

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Lebanon - Double second steelpan musician Shawn Thwaites and his wife vocalist Sabreen Thwaites have been away from US shores since December 2008.  The talented duo has been delighting audiences as they already have back home, but this time around while touring Lebanon.


Sabreen and Shawn Thwaites perform at the US Embassy in Lebanon

Their main performances have been delivered in the cabaret-style setting of the “Music Hall” - one of the biggest and best known venues located in the center of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.  Interestingly, Sabreen herself previously graced that stage back in 2008, but as part of the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir.  In celebration of Women’s month in March, the Thwaites also performed for the United States Ambassador to Lebanon, Michele J. Sison, at the US Embassy in Beirut.


The Thwaites after their performance at the US Embassy.
US Ambassador to Lebanon Michele Sison is in blue dress

As Lebanon’s tourist season heats up, the country - which Thwaites says was named the “number one tourist hot spot for 2008” by the New York Times - is expecting record high numbers of visitors for 2009.  And the Thwaites will be in the spotlight as they wow some of those expected visitors, while doing both the pan community and the United States proud.  Shawn Thwaites is extremely pleased at the opportunity to showcase the steelpan art form to the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.  The couple is expected to remain in Lebanon until June 2009, and in the entertainment spotlight at every opportunity.  Their adorable daughter Kamari is in Lebanon with her parents sharing in the experience; she is attending school there and “learning Arabic and French” according to dad Shawn.



The lovely and talented Sabreen Thwaites

Shawn Thwaites is one of the trio of talented music-loving siblings - the others are well-known elder brother Sherwin and younger brother Sheldon.   Both Shawn and Sherwin are Berklee College of Music alums, while Sheldon is currently enrolled at the institution.  All three brothers are pan players, with Sheldon equally impassioned on drums.  Their father, Robert Thwaites is extremely well-known and a veteran within the steelband world, and was a member of the famed Pan Am North Stars Steel Orchestra in Trinidad.

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The Thwaites in the Spotlight

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