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From the News Desk of NYU Classical Percussion Program

NYU Steel Drum Ensemble Concert

NYU Classical Percussion Program
Jonathan Haas, Director

NYU Steel Drum Ensemble
NYU Steel Drum Ensemble
The New York University Steel Drum Ensemble, under the direction of Joshua Quillen, will take the stage of NYU’s Frederick Loewe Theatre on April 19th to present an evening of music for steel band. In addition to his work with So Percussion, Quillen has performed with numerous steel drum ensembles across the country, and brings his diverse knowledge of the music and instrument to this ensemble.

Featured on this performance will be several standard works, including Matt Dudack’s Jerry’s Jump, Boogsie Sharpe’s Sarah, and Confusion Reggae by legendary steel drum artist Cliff Alexis. In addition, the ensemble will present a series of Philip Glass’s Piano Etudes, arranged for the ensemble by Quillen. The Glass arrangements are part of an ongoing project for the group, which will culminate with the recording of all ten Piano Etudes in May of 2010.

The NYU Steel Drum Ensemble persists with their ongoing objective to preserve the traditional works of the past, while continuing to push the envelope and transform the status of the steel drum.


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