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University students gain insight into steelpan innovations

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.  - The Steelpan History and Development class of the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA), University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine visited Panadigm Innovations Ltd (PIL) on April 21, 2010.  PIL is the maker of the Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.), the G-Pan and the Steelpan Tutor.

Marcel Byron answers questions about the G-Pan
Marcel Byron, right, answers questions about the G-Pan

The Steelpan History and Development class is lectured by Dr. Jeannine Remy.  Dr. Remy indicated that the purpose of the visit was to show what was being done in the field of steelpan development; with particular attention being paid to the P.H.I., which is the first electronic pan created and patented in Trinidad and Tobago.

Student plays the P.H.I. for 
													the first time
This student plays the P.H.I. for the first time while her classmates look on

The group of twenty-two students was given a short lecture about the G-Pan and the purpose of creating the G-Pan. The students were then exposed to the P.H.I., which was the main attraction. Students commented on the ability to do much more on a 36-note interface, the ability to switch from one instrument to another by the press of a button and the easy navigation on the touch screen.  They were also impressed by the rich tonal quality of the G-pan tone and were quite intrigued by the other local percussion tones such as the rhythm section.

Khan Cordice 
													plays the P.H.I
Ace Antiguan arranger Khan Cordice plays the P.H.I.

PIL will continue to empower musicians and provide them with the tools to fulfill their potential. PIL is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge bank of future music majors and showcase the development of the steelpan that is being undertaken in the home of the steelpan.

Students all join in to play a rhythm section on the P.H.I.
Students all join in to play a rhythm section on the P.H.I.

For further information about the P.H.I., G-Pan or Steelpan Tutor, visit or send an e-mail to

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