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Angel Harps Steel Orchestra delivers winning “Bomb Tune” for 2010

Flag of Grenada, W.I.St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - No less than nine steel orchestras turned “Pan Explosion 2010” into an event to remember, which took place on “Pantastic Saturday” one week ago, at Grenada’s National Stadium in the country’s capital of St. George’s.  Pan lovers were treated to two highly-competitive music performances in the much-anticipated ‘Bomb Tune’ segment, and also with respect to the additional tribute song played by each orchestra, honoring Grenadian calypsonian Elwyn McQuilkin, known as “The Wizard.”  The latter phase allowed a five-minute music presentation.

Republic Bank Angel Harps emerged triumphant once again as they retained their ‘Bomb Tune’ championship title with an outstanding performance of Wizard’s “Soca Feeling” at the competition.  Each band was allowed to play for no longer than six minutes in this regard, and with forty-five players as their top number. 

Interestingly enough, Angel Harps was the only orchestra which - in addition to the required tribute song originally performed by “Wizard” - offered a selection by the same artist as its ‘Bomb Tune,’ thereby presenting adjudicators and the audience with their arrangement of two “Wizard” tunes on pan for the evening.  The band took the stage in position five.

Following are the competition results:

RESULTS - Pan Explosion 2010
‘Bomb Tune’ (and ‘Tribute Tune’ info)

1st Angel Harps Soca Feeling / Black Wizard James Clarkson Ragga Soca
2nd New Dimensions More Steelbands / Randy Isaac David “Peck” Edwards Soca Instruction
3rd Pan Wizards Shake Your Bumbaloom / Eggies Michael Robertson My Music
4th Commancheros Double Tenor Girl / Ajamu Andre Greenidge I.M.F.
5th Rainbow City All Stars Sweetness / Ajamu Othneal St. Clair New World Order
6th Grand Roy Pan Angels Bumsy / Val Adams Lincoln Samuel Soca Posse
7th Pan Ossia Hurricane / Inspector Robert Cadet Soca Feeling
8th Pan Lovers Hurricane / Inspector Ignatius Bayne Claudius
9th Westside Symphony Mistake / Ajamu Cas Alexis Tell Stone

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