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Panman/Film maker Dalton Narine picks up Award

Dalton Narine, producer/director receives his award
Dalton Narine, producer/director receives his award

California, USA - Dalton Narine, producer/director of “Mas Man Peter Minshall,” recently picked up his fourth award for Best Documentary at the New York International Film Festival Award Ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. The next day, while in Hollywood for the screening of “Mas Man” at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, Narine learned that the work had won its category at the South African International Film Festival.

Dalton Narine expresses appreciation for his award
Dalton Narine expresses appreciation for his award

Since Mas Man’s success at two earlier festivals, including the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in 2009, as a work in progress, the film’s final cut (57 mins.) has been the buzz on the festival circuit, garnering three more awards, including Best Cinematography. It has been nominated for Best Documentary at nine festivals in the US, UK, Asia and Africa. The next screening is January 23, 2011 at Writers Unlimited Film Festival in The Hague, South Holland.  Narine praised the mas man himself, Peter Minshall, the Callaloo Co., the archivists at Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Information film unit, Trinidad and Tobago Film Co., main camera operator Benedict Joseph, editor Eduardo Siu and the local and international interviewees who virtually narrated the film.

Narine was also in New York in October for a private screening of Mas Man at New York’s Players Club and even earlier in May for another held at Medgar Evers College. 

Dalton Narine is a noted steelpan historian, former television host, film maker, producer, director, accomplished writer and was a member of Highlanders and Trinidad All Stars steel orchestras.  He is also a former editor of the Miami Herald and former associate editor for Ebony magazine.

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