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China’s Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe Perform in  Trinidad and Tobago
The Chinese Bicentennial Steel Ensemble and Tianjin perform together

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The Ambassador and his wife with members of the visiting troupe and the CBSE

Trinidad and Tobago - A little piece of history was created on the evening of Saturday January 30 at the residence of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Trinidad and Tobago. The occasion was a reception hosted by His Excellency Yang Youming and his wife, Geng Hailing, for the visiting Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe, which had just completed a hectic five-day engagement of concerts in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).

Following a lavish dinner prepared by the resident Chinese chef, the Chinese Bicentennial Steel Ensemble (CBSE) and members of the visiting troupe entertained the small but appreciative group of guests with the music of steel and traditional Chinese instruments.

The CBSE started with a locally-arranged rendition of the popular Chinese song “I love Beijing Tiananmen”, which was enthusiastically received by the attentive audience. Chinese and local soca by the CBSE were interleaved with solo and group performances by members of the Song and Dance Troupe.

CBSE with Chinese artistes awaiting their cue

The magical moment of the evening was created when, for the first time in T&T, or anywhere else in the world, a group of professional Chinese musicians combined their musical skills with those of the panists. Playing the dizi (flute), erhu (two-stringed violin), pipa (lute) and sheng (wind instrument), the artistes showed their professionalism by joining the CBSE in their performance of the Chinese pop song “Tien Mi Mi”, made well-known by Chinese songstress Deng Lijun.

Pipa, Sheng and Erhu playing with the CBSE

To conclude the evening’s proceedings, the CBSE brought down the house with “Nah going home”, when all the guests got up from their seats and enjoyed a lively jump up around the pool. The troupe left the following morning for Venezuela, before embarking on a long trip back home to China.

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